ScriptCards is a

POWERFUL patient education tool for Pharmacists.

It is a Drug Information Management and Printing System (DIMPS) that takes a drug barcode as single input on a web app and prints evidence-based patient-facing information locally.

It is BLAZING fast and is powered by Proprietary Technology developed in Australia.

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ScriptCard template example
Printing process text guide

We did some Qualitative Research and came up with a list of pain points we wanted to address. We have listed most of them below.

  1. 1. Print the patient education material BUT without any clicks.
  2. 2. Waiting for the printer to warm up... NO WAY.
  3. 3. Passwordless Login. YES PLEASE!
  4. 4. The system and printing process should be as easy as falling off a log. OK.
  5. 5. Different pharmacists, different levels of workload and various levels of interaction with patients. NO PROBLEM! Every patient leaving the pharmacy gets the same evidence-based information in a printed form.
  6. 6. The printer should hold enough media, so we do not need to refill often. PERFECT. Time is money, remember!
  7. 7. The card should educate the patient regarding their medications. DEFINITELY. The information on the printed material should be a counselling tool and have information on all the points a pharmacist would be interested in while counselling a patient. It should be concise, evidence-based and referenced patient-facing content.
  8. 8. The card needs to survive a couple of washing machine cycles and still be legible. WHY NOT!
  9. 9.Able to print information about S2 and S3 products. AMAZING!

Printing a ScriptCard involves ONE step...

a simple scanning of a product barcode.